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We have a number of practice areas, all of them interlinked in some way giving clients working with us in one area the experience benefit across the other areas.
Supply Chain Challenges
We serve as a bridge between companies and their supply chain facilitating supplier diversity outreach, ESG training and compliance, workforce development, scaling innovation, training on government sponsored small business support programs.
International Trade and Investment Support
With decades of international trade and investment experience our team brings private sector and government clients trade and economic development support.
Advisory Boards – Support Strategy and Growth
We help business owners support strategy and growth of their business to ensure long-term sustainability and maximize efficiency with the establishment of an advisory board to give considered advice and recommendations.
Manufacturing Innovation into Commercialized Products
Problem-solving is the heart of innovation. Advanced materials are the most promising technologies for manufacturers. With tailored solutions from experienced engineering professionals, we support advanced manufacturing companies turn advance manufacturing innovations into commercialized products. This includes advising on proof of concept, pilot scaling prototyping, patent and licensing.
Waste Tire Recovery
We assist private companies and public agencies assess waste and scrap tire problems and identify economically viable & environmentally acceptable solutions for those problems.
We enable our clients to better identify, measure and manage ESG performance in their supply chain.
Workforce Development Skills Strategy for Manufacturing and Stakeholders
Successful companies and regions work together to develop and deliver skills training that fosters aligned competencies with the industrial needs. With our team of education and manufacturing professionals we can develop workforce development plans to identify training, retraining and upskilling requirements to support a cooperative educational and industrial strategy for student and adult skills training.

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